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Published Sep 4, 2018 4:08 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | Michael Hancock | Denver Mayor Michael Hancock 2019 | 2015 Candidate Marcus Giavanni Who Filed First to Run For Denver Mayor | December 20, 2016

Michael Hancock – Mayor Michael Hancock – Denver Mayor Hancock and Marcus Giavanni. Marcus Giavanni Who Filed for Denver Mayor first on December 20, 2016. And Marcus Giavanni also filed for Mayor of Denver in 2015. To Giavanni was the 2nd Place contender for the 2015 Denver Mayoral Race on Tuesday, May 5, 2015. Even a 2nd placed opponent gets recognition. And No matter how the Media, or Hancock or others try to mud sliming, attack, to delegitimize, and bring false witness, and a parade of haters, resistors, fake, bias, innuendos against any candidate. It will blow up in their faces for sure . Because come election day on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.  Denver will either be official categorized as a Nonpartisan Government or a Kleptocracy Government. This categorizing is now in the hands of Denver Voters.

The good News 8,0330 Denver Voters voted for the eminent Denver Government. To change Denver back to nonpartisan rule of Governing the city and county of Denver’s Government. Officially Denver was Categorized as a Monopoly Government in 2015. And there is nothing the current administration, nor their supported media, nonpartisans, or other bad actors. Whom have taken the democracy of Denver and has fletched it down the Black Hat Abyss.

Many of these categorized Kleptocrats have ben put on a Cloud List. And they don’t even know it. But it had to be done to Defend the Kingdom of Denver. And all surrounding Denver Metro area City Kingdoms. Whom have all seen the increase record high of Violent Crimes, Murders, Shooting, Home Invasions,  Car Jackings, Car theft, Robberies, Crimes against Children, and our Elderly. And crimes against our Visitors from other places, who do not report incidents against them. In fear of embarrassment and ridiculed by others. In their home states.

These visitors being robbed, and assaulted in our down town Streets , are moving into the rule neighbor hoods. Where there is not enough law enforcement to protect their cites. But they have the money to protect the parks.

Denver Voters must realize, even when you elect Marcus Giavanni as the Next Mayor of Denver in 2019. There is much to do about everything. And it’s going to take 12 years to clean up the 54 years of Social Ideology and identity politics that has brought Denver to the brink of total collapse of Democracy.

Denver Mayor Michael Hancock and Marcus Giavanni Who Filed to Run

You all may have noticed over the years. That browsers and other Social Media Channels are categorizing everything. And subject matter of authority is the new ranking algorithm. And a new Social Credit System that in the future even those who created this Social Credit system will fall to it’s ranking system; if they are not careful themselves.

Everything changed in 2010,and Search Engine Optimization as we know it. Is not going to get you on the first page of any and all organic browsers search. To keep things simple, We have now moved into the Credibility Relevance Wisdom rankings. And it’s real, and it’s controlled and operated by artificial intelligence with Machine Learning capabilities.

Separating Fake from Fact. Evil from Good, Love from Hate. As these Categories are triggered algorithms. That will set the stage for the new Social Credit System. That all the experts in SEO, and all those alleged Blockchain Leaders. With 90% of them. Failing big time in the realm of Social Credit System content building.

This would include but no limited to Big Media. They have an obligation to their Shareholders. To hire the people who know. Not the people who don’t know, but because the Media said they are so. Then they must be leaders in the industry the media says they are. This was old school, and these old ways of manipulating people into industry authority leaders. Who fit the media’s agenda. But it does not work like this on the internet browsers.

Some like to call this censorship. But it’s not it’s Social Credit System ratings. Just like personal credit ratings. Business credit ratings, all controlled by the top 3 credit reporting services. And yes, even Credit Karma. They will all soon become the Social Credit Reporting agencies of the United States of America.

Even the Media won’t be able to be bias and fake anymore. If they value not only their credit ratings, and soon to be Social Credit ratings. And their obligations top their shareholders. You all had better wake the Fack up! And start riding yourselves of the journalist, who have fake and bias in their social credit Data accounts. Save yourselves from, yourselves.

 The Denver Post, Westword, KDVR, CBS, Denver7 ABC, PBS, NBC, 5280, Denverite, and all those nonpartisan facks, and other organizations. Who are not what they claim to be. You all have been indexed since 2010. And we have enjoyed every minute of it. It’s the #leadership to Defend the Kingdom of Denver. And I did not need to be mayor or Government to protect the City Beautiful of Denver, Colorado since 2010. In the year 2020, you all are going to see changes, you have been warned about. No, I am not Chicken Little (That’s Kayvan Khalatbari Egg Drop Scheme). And the Shy is not falling. But the Internet has raised its bar of Creditability relevance and Wisdom. Powered by Google+ Law Authority, and to all those who follow the rules. And the #GoogleOnBoard, breadcrumbs, and Structured Content to even have a chance to be organically found on the internet Browsers.  - Marcus Giavanni

Mayor Michael Hancock: Dora - Department of Regulatory Agencies - 2016 - Marcus Giavanni - December 5, 2016 - 15 days Later - Files to Run for Denver Mayor - December 20, 2016 - Actual DORA Letter Dismissing Complaint: "#2016-12-20". 

Published Sep 4, 2018 6"06 Am by Marcus Giavanni | GP7A News | DORA | Department of Regulatory Agencies | Anonymous Complaint | 6 Month Investigation | Started June 5, 2016 | Against Marcus Giavanni | Dismissing Complaint #2016-12-20* |

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Mayor Michael Hancock: Colorado Dora - Department of Regulatory Agencies get anonymous tip on June 1, 2016. Claiming Marcus Giavanni and the For Sale By Owner Company. Located at 730 17th Street, Denver Colorado, Equitable Building.

As an expert in FBI Administrative Forensic Evidence Analyzer, and Alphabet Decoder. I am able to manually. View or scan Any Documents. And can find either the habitual, or the planned act. These people go after innocent people. Who try to exploit them. The very first thing that popped out when I open the letter was the Complaint number #2016 1220.

The Colorado DORA, and Anonymous source need to realize. I was telling, emailing everyone I knew to have loose lips. And I would go into city and county of Denver Departments, and tell everyone. I was going to file for the Next, Mayor of Denver on December 20, 2016. And you will see how the media will try to battle it out SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and their fake bias content is front and center. They are my opening act. In the 80’s I loved opening acts. Before the show we would walk through the audience and talk to everyone. And they we would go on stage last, and now. They are in the audience. Talking to people, and most of the time it was not good. But my band had the best musicians in Phoenix. And we had all the musicians come see our shows. And yes, Did I have haters. But I had more people who loved me, bought me drinks, bought me presents, and would stick up for me. Epically the dudes. They dd not like anyone messing with their vocalist. And they loved me.  So, I love it when those who think nobody is watching, or that anyone cares. You all better check yourselves, before you wreck yourselves. And get ready to get bent by the Iron Fist! – The Denver Voters – VOX POPULI! – Marcus Giavanni

*Some Claim it's just a coincidence that Colorado Dora established the compliant #2016 – 1220. But when you look further not my life. The coincidences around me, are to expose those who , have flipped the script, as if I was the bad guy. When in fact it is all those, whom have been caught in my coincidences. And to prove to Law enforcement, coincidences, that you all say, “coincidences are not real”. We’ll the coincidences’ you dismiss as irrelevant. My coincidences always implement those who point fingers at me. (When in fact, it’s them). And this is just another verified example. And when Denver Voters see how many times this has happened to me. Denver Voters will know. I am a Fluke that has broken the code. To defend the Kingdom of Denver. 100% verified, or I would not be here with facts! GoogleMayor.comMarcus Giavanni


2016 - Marcus Giavanni - December 5, 2016 - 15 days Later - Files to Run for Denver Mayor - December 20, 2016 - Actual DORA Letter Dismissing Complaint: "#2016-12-20". 

A Great Leader is one who can recognize the sense of vulnerabilities, and attacks. and seize the moment. And is able to warn Denver Citizens. 


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